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Editing a video in iMovie

Posted by | September 11 | No Comments on Editing a video in iMovie

The project was to create a dark background for a website which had a textured look whilst at the same time had subtle movements within its design to catch the viewers eye. I decided that a cloud scene with birds in flight would make the best subject matter. The difficulty would be filming this and […]

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What do we do?

Posted by | March 13 | No Comments on What do we do?

  A. We create websites.   Q. Yes, but what sort of websites, I have a business, what can you do for me?   A. We do a great deal of things. I can provide you with technical details.   Q. Please no, I want to know what you do, how that will help my […]

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Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

- Oscar Wilde

Moar Web Designs Animation

Posted by | March 13 | No Comments on Moar Web Designs Animation

  Above is a short animation we created on Adobe Flash CC, we hope you like it.

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Our Projects

Posted by | March 13 | No Comments on Our Projects

The is a short slide show of some of our current web design projects. We enjoy working in partnership with those who have big ideas for what they want to do online. These are examples of web design work we are undertaking along side partners within these industries.

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Printing Success

Posted by | March 13 | No Comments on Printing Success

We are a web based company but we do on occasion provide graphic design for printing purposes. Above is an example of folder cover we created, it’s designed to contain documents when approaching potential partners as part of an online store.

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